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“Great throughout the process and always available for a chat or to help with any concerns I had.”

“Michelle is a highly professional recruiter. It was a pleasure working with her.”

“Michelle is exceptionally loyal and her clients rave about her.”

How can house help You?

Firstly, we aren’t about hitting KPIs and filling a set number of jobs a month, we don’t try and put square pegs in round holes to earn a fast buck! The companies whose recruitment processes we partner have to meet our criteria:

Would we work for them as an employee? Do we have access to the hiring managers to get a full insight into the job role? and can we access all of the information we need?

You won’t see oodles of jobs advertised on our website either, this doesn’t mean we don’t have any! Either they are client branded on their own websites or are confidential hires so we are conducting discrete searches.

As a job seeker our paths will cross if you have spotted a job advertised by house directly or via one of our clients and would like to connect and discuss the opportunity, or we might contact you directly after searching specifically for someone with your skill set on a job board/via LinkedIn.

WHat our Job seekers say.

“I hit it off immediately with my new boss and that’s what being a good recruiter is about. Not just pushing people into a role because they want the commission but getting the right fit so both parties are happy. She was great throughout the process and was always available for a chat or to help with any concerns I had.”

“Michelle helped me move my career to a much better place. I was successful in gaining my new role with the help of Michelle who was there at every stage of the process, from research to my final interview.”

“Michelle is professional hardworking and very dedicated to her clients and very easy to communicate with. She always had my best interest in helping me to find a suitable job and was always in touch and informative.”

Our initial call is a ‘discovery call’ we want to get to know you, to get an insight into your more recent job roles, what is important to moving forwards, what are your motivations for looking for a few job roles, what path you would like your career to follow.

If we feel our client could fit your criteria and you theirs, we will give you as much information as we can on the company, job role, culture of the firm and interview process.

Then we ask you to register on our online portal, so we can discuss your application with the hiring company.

Discovery Call

You get feedback all through the process and interview preparation support is offered to everybody.

We negotiate on your behalf and support you through the whole process even down to helping you draft a redundancy letter if needed. We are in this with you and it’s common practice for us to shed a tear when making ‘that call’ offering you the job you really want… it’s the best feeling in the world!

Stay up to date with all the latest news, events and job support at our LinkedIn page and groups – we would love to connect!